Newsletter 2020

From The Chair

I wish that this finds you as well as can be expected. For some, 2020 has been a challenging year for their own health, the health of their family members or those in their community.

COVID-19 certainly has had an impact on us all. Whilst the majority of these impacts have been felt in a negative way, a positive has been how we have all been adaptable and flexible with how we work, including access to medical professionals. Telehealth services are now the norm and look to be an ongoing way in which rural and remote Australians can access their doctors’ advice and assistance.

I am eternally grateful to the small but passionate band of volunteers who continue to ensure that skin cancer remains an important topic for Tasmanians, whether it be awareness of the disease through visits to schools and events, support of those directly affected or tireless work in advocating for equitable access for all Australians.

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Skin Cancer Tasmania Newsletter 2020

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